About us

All of us buy overpriced perfumes and spend money on perfumes that are not long lasting.
We at Clémence Paris promise that you will just be satisfied with our perfumes. Try our fragrances and feel the difference. Our perfumes are the longest lasting. Our mission is to offer you high quality at an affordable price. You get a tester from us so that you can test your new perfume before opening your package.

Clémence which owns the proud label of our brand means generosity in French. Our name perfectly expresses the vision of our company and of our products. We hold fragrances in rare and luxurious perfumes at very attractive prices.

Being in existence for almost a decade, Clémence has set herself at a point where elegance fuses with beauty by the production of reputable perfumes that are long lasting all day!
The extracts for our products are gotten in the town of Grass in France where two-third of the French extract for perfumes and fragrances are made. 

Our products flaunt the exact equal quality of the Extracts used in other renowned brands of perfumes.
We venture into quality before profit, while perfume solution, usually, contains 15%-18% Extract, we introduce 40% Extract to our products.
Hence, the scent of our perfumes lasts longer. In fact, our perfumes are expected to last on your body, at least, a full day.
We believe you don’t have to be expensive to be sweet. 
We are so confident that you would love our perfumes. We offer full refund if you unsatisfied.

Attached to our product is a sample tester of the perfume. Please use the sample tester BEFORE you open the original perfume package and test the product.
If you didn’t like our product after using it, you are entitled to return our product in it`s original, unopened packaging and receive a full refund of your purchase.